CÖnVita is free-flowing and water-soluble off-white powder. It is Bio-Polymer obtained from Rice- bran & Babul Resin .

CÖnVita can enhance the mortar adhesion, cohesion, and bonding strength. It also improves workability, durability, abrasion resistance, wear resistance, and load-bearing capacity.
CÖnVita also enhances the mortar’s wetting and water-retention property.

Material Redispersible Cellulose Fibers
Appearance Off White powder
Active ingredients 80- 85 %
Cellulose Fibers contents 6 % to 8 %
Total Solid Contents upto 95 %
Moisture contents upto 5 % Max
PH 6.8-7.0 (1% water solution )
Sieve Analysis 255 mesh passes
Viscosity 4600 CPS in 10 min
5800 CPS in 24 Hrs (1% water solution )


  • As Concrete / Waterproofing additive, bonding/ Internal Curing Agent For repairs, screed / plaster, mortars
  • Wherever Cement used, CÖnVita will improve the quality of Construction
  • Tile adhesives, external wall putty, construction adhesives, building binders, joint mortars, plasters, filling compositions such as floor filling compositions, concrete repair joints, water proofing membrane applications and crack isolation membrane:

Dosage : 125gm per bags of 50bag of Cement


  • Water Retention: CÖnVita, has excellent water retention properties due to adequate molar substitution. The water retention is considered as the most important parameter in the construction application and helps in better setting of the binder. It also reduces the effect of plastic shrinking.
  • Consistency: CÖnVita improves the consistency of the mortar. This avoids the sagging of plaster and improves the resistance to tile sagging when applied on vertical walls.
  • Rheology Modifying: : The rheological properties of the mortar mixture is very important that depends on its constituents. The mixture of cement, sand, and water, lack such characteristics and hence it is used as an additive.
    This modified form of CÖnVita exhibits bonding characteristic and hence improves the rheological properties.
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